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M A R T I N  Z A P A N T A

A freediving instructor in his native Philippines, a 15x national record holder, and the only Filipino freediver who held all records on 7 out of 8 disciplines in 2019. Martin has all the breath-hold credentials he needs. Martin has been a creative media professional for more than ten years. He has also developed a wide-ranging imaging skillset from photography and filmmaking to video editing and color grading.


He started as a graphic designer back in 2008, then he ventured into events and fashion photography while managing his graphic design studio. In 2010, Martin began to work in the filmmaking industry. He landed his first job as a colorist and video editor and eventually learned video production. He also took workshops in directing, sound design, and screenwriting from Hollywood professionals at the International Academy of Film and Television.


Martin’s technical abilities and creative eye are in clear evidence, with beautifully choreographed depictions of his fellow freedivers and evocative marine life portraits composed with almost impossible precision, in a word: breathtaking.


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